Wholesale Collection

Buy by the case and get huge savings even from our already low prices!  We all know that retail stores have sales and close outs. Well, the same thing happens at the factory level, only the prices are dramatically cheaper. Here is how it works. We have contracts with factories around the world and we buy closeouts before they get to that big box retailer for pennies on the dollar and we pass that savings on to the reseller! Unlike buying at retail, our product is new and has not been "shelf worn" and handled by many people. Use our products for yourself or family. Many people send all or part of their purchase to friends or family in other countries. For retail arbitrage or simply buying wholesale for reselling however you wish. Resell our products at Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Church groups, small towns, etc. You can also buy for your company, club, group of friends or your neighborhood or apartment building.